Veronika Decides to Die - A Review

Вероника решает умереть - Paulo Coelho

I just don't... get it.
This is one of those book that many of my friends seemed to love but I didn't. I liked it, sure. It dragged in the first half and became boring but then it picked up pace in the second one. I kind of enjoyed it. And there are many things that annoyed me.
Veronika's reasons to suicide are absolutely ridiculous. Dr. Igor bored me with all the talking about Vitriol which was confusing and didn't make sense. I didn't like Veronika and Eduard's relationship. There are many WTF moments that I lost count.
I also noticed some of the exact same dislikes I had with the first book I read by him, The Alchemist.
But to be fair, there are some thing I liked in this book. The philosophy was good and the moral of the story too.
It is just that the dislikes I have with this book are more than the likes.
So, I'm not sure I will try any other book written by Coelho. He just doesn't seem to be an author that I will like his writing.

2.5 stars. Meh. It was okay.