Fatal Shadows and A Dangerous Thing - A Review

Adrien English Mysteries: Fatal Shadows and A Dangerous Thing - Josh Lanyon

I normally don't read mysteries so I was reluctant at first to read this series but I have heard that it is a great one and I already had it on my kindle, so I thought I'd give it a try.

I'm glad I wasn't disappointed. Although I hoped to see more romance but the mystery was good and it kept me interested till the end, and I loved the moments between Adrien and Jake (when they weren't fighting, trying to investigate the murder or when Jake was an ass).


Fatal Shadows:

In the first book Adrien English's best friend is murdered and he is the main suspect. He's being investigated by two detectives, one of them turns out to be a gay (and is in serious denial).

The mystery part was a little predictable, but I still was pleasantly surprised that I was kind of wrong in the end.

There isn't a lot of romance in this book, if any at all but I didn't expect it because they were just starting to know each other.

3.50 Stars


A Dangerous Thing:

In this book Adrien runs away from his non-relationship with Jake. He decides to go visit the house left to him by his grandmother. When he arrives there is a dead body in his driveway, but by the time he drives to safety and calls the police, the body is gone.

The mystery in this one was a lot better, I didn't figure it out until the end.

And I really liked the romance part. Jake is still asshole though, but I like him.

3.75 stars

I can't wait to know more about Adrian and Jake.