Vortex - Lindsey J. Parsons

I really liked this book, It is very good.

The book is about Sam who is normal college girl and Damian who is a demon from another world.The first part of the story is about how Damian tries to get back to his world, the story then travels when Damian and Sam travel to the other world.

Damian is my favorite character. ♥ I would really love to know more about him and his background.I also liked Sam, she is a typical teenage girl who is feeling lost after her father's death. But she managed to try to get her life back together. Her life is normal, sometimes boring but real which I can relate to.Also I really love the writing style.I could picture every detail.. It was like you were there with them.There was never a boring moment.I also loved how Parsons wrote from both of their perspectives.That way you can understand how they both felt.Lindsey Parsons made a great job in this book.

I'm really looking forward to read book 2. A very enjoyable read.