Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy, #5) - Richelle Mead Spirit Bound was quite a roller coaster. Let me start by the one who used to be my favourite heroine, Rose.In the first books, Rose is described as a strong kick-ass female character, and after what happened in the end of book 1, She learn to be more responsible, more mature, which made me love her even more.But in this book.. I was very disappointed.I love Dimitri, and I wanted him to be a Dhampir again so bad!But I would NOT try to rescue a criminal who used my best friend and tortured her just to get Dimitri back!It would have been better if she just staked him.It would have proved how much she actually cared for him. AND all those people who died for her to get Dimitri back would still be alive. That's another thing that bothers me. Rose has caused the death of a lot of people. They have families, they have loved ones like she does. Yet her's is more important.This book caused me to feel very frustrated with Rose because she acted upon exactly the selfish behavior I feared she would do in freeing Victor.But when finally Dimitri was back as a Dhampir, I was truly happy.Only to feel pissed after that.He felt guilty about what he did when he was a Strigoi, and mostly about what he did to Rose, which is completely understandable, and I dont' blame him.So, what should he do? Try to fix things, apologize to Rose, etc.Instead, he said;“I've given up on you...Love fades. Mine has.”Really, Dimitri? Really?After everything Rose did to try and save you that's what she gets?What she did was stupid and reckless, yes, but she did for you.She risked her life over and over again, for you.This book pissed me off. I loved The Vampire Academy.I love the story, I love the characters, I love the relationships.Most of all, I love Rose and Dimitri. This book ruined all of that.I still love this series, but this is book is really my least favourite.The good thing about this book?1. Adrian Ivashkov. I'm officially Team Adrian. ♥ I don't care if he ended up with Rose or not, He is amazing!2. Abe; he is annoying but I love him.3. Eddie; I like him and I completely agree with him.4. The Writing5. The Ending; it was something I didn't expect and I liked it.A real cliffhanger.I'm still kind of excited to read the final book of this series and hopefully it will be better than this one.