Reveal. A Review.

Reveal (Paranormal Romance) (Cryptid Tales) - Brina Courtney

"The human cell is something to be admired. It adapts to survive in the most unusual circumstances. Splicing occurs when you mix animal cells with human cells, which results in what some scientists call a para-human, a type of cryptid. A cryptid can be described as a paranormal being with some animal-like traits."

This story is about Shay, a high school senior, who has the ability to see and to hear ghosts. She has a ghost friend called Jeremy who appeared the night that her Dad disappeared. She also meets a college guy called Hugh who reveals her destiny.

This was an enjoyable read. but, I really think that this book should have been longer. Everything seemed to happen so fast that I didn't feel like I had time to get to know any of the characters. However, I love the plot and the 2nd half of the book is very well thought out with some good twists and turns. I'm looking forward to read the sequel Capture, and I can't wait to read and the prologue Ignite, I would love to know more about Jeremy and his tasks.