Demons of the Heart

Demons of the Heart - RoughDraftHero

I'm having mixed feelings about this book.

In this story we have Demons, but it is a different kind of Demons. They are Demons with scent triggers that help them identify who there possible mates are.

The plot of this story is really interesting. Demons have existed alongside humans, but the two species have remained mainly separated due to the human governments. Then, the demons gain political power and finally get their change to mingle freely with humans. It was an interesting idea that didn't go very well, the book needed a lot of editing and there were many scenes which were rushed over, and the relationships seems sometimes unrealistic. In this book we have like 6 couples so it may seem a bit distracting at times.

However, I really believe that the author has some good ideas and all she needs to do is edit the book and just let the couples take it slow. People cant possibly shift from hate to love so fast .But anyway, I still want to read the author's other works because, from I'm told, this was the author's first work so I believe she would get better in her other works, and after all, I did enjoy this book to an extent. The end was open and unsatisfying, so I'm hoping there would be a sequel, I'm interested to know what happens to all of them, especially Brad and Zero.