13 Reasons Why - Review

Thirteen Reasons Why - Jay Asher

I really wanted to like this book, and I did.. sort of. But I expected it to be better than that.

I think that the book is an eye opener, it shows how huge impact on a persons life anyone can be, which I is why I think that reading this book is worth it.

What I didn't like in this book is the plot.

Not all the reasons for why Hannah killed herself are believable to me. Yes, there are some horrible things that happened to her, but there are things that didn't make sense and there are many things she could have done to stop it.

I don't understand why she would suicide because she lost her friend Jessica, it sucks but it is not really a reason. People lose friends all the time, and for sillier reasons. And she said that she wasn't close to her anyway. I don't get why she would suicide because someone stole her poem, it sucks but that's not a reason. I don't get why she would she suicide because someone put her as "Hottest Ass in the Freshman Class", if she was upset by it, she should have slapped him in the face, reported it to the teacher, something. And Mr. Porter.. what did he do? Why would she put someone who at least tried to help you on that list? Why put him through the agony? Did she even think about that before she sent the tapes to everyone? Those tapes that will certainly make them feel miserable, some of them deserve it but a lot don't. Those tapes can ruin their whole lives.

There are other reasons why Hannah bothers me but I'm lazy to write all of them so let's just stick to those.

Anyway, I get that people go through a lot of shit out there and I don't think that suicide is a lame act of giving up but her reasons were just unconvincing

I still think that this book has an important message, but other than that, I didn't like it.