The Running Man - A Review

The Running Man - Richard Bachman, Stephen King

The Running Man is dystopian novel by Richard Bachman (also known as Stephen King).

It isn’t a horror novel, it is more of a dystopian, thriller story. Set it 2025, the world is different from how it is today. The society is controlled by a big business that maintains power using disturbing television shows. Ben Richards, the protagonist, goes on a show called The Running Man in a desperate attempt to get money to save his dying daughter. The story is fast-paced, gritty and depressing. I've enjoyed it. I loved the plot and ending was amazing.

So far, Stephen King didn’t fail to entertain me.

Warning: The edition that I have doesn't have an introduction by the author, however if your edition does, I strongly advice you not to read it before the novel, I've read in many reviews that it gives away a climatic ending.