For the Summer - Another case of plagiarism?

For the Summer - Shey Stahl

Disclaimer: I didn't do the research on this one, so check out the review I linked to so you can see the quoted passages or click on my screenshot. The work was all done by an eagle-eyed reader named AriBookzilla. I'm just putting some things together in one place.


The review that started it all: For the Summer by Shey Stahl, by AriBookzilla


(link to screenshot in case the review suddenly vanishes: Ari's">Screenshot of AriBookzilla's review


In it, Ari presents 7 passages that occur before the 20% mark that are, other than a few words, exact copies of Dusty by YellowBella, written in December, 2011. YellowBella is the pen name for the writing duo of Mary and Sarah - Mary commented on both Ari's review and Stahl's Facebook post (more on that later).


EvilWylie aka author Andrew Shaffer even gets involved, finding a snippet that's egregious not only because it's obviously cribbed but because of the atrocious grammar. The Twitter conversation that's attached is as fun as the quote: EvilWylie's status update


Believe it or not, at this point, the review has only been up for less than an hour or so. The comments are flying fast and furious on Twitter, mostly anti-Stahl since there's a whole lot of screenshots of obviously copied passages. That's kind of what happens when you take stuff from beloved fanfic, which you'd think Stahl would know since she started there as jaydmommy and several of her books are p2p.


So she drops a wussy, "I didn't do it!" on her Facebook Page.


"I'm very sickened by what's going on over at Goodreads. Mentally and physically sickened by this. I've been made aware of the accusations on GR stating I've taken another authors words from them and I stand by my stories always being 100% mine. Please know the facts before you accuse someone of something so wrongful.
Thank you,


In case it disappears, the screenshot: Stahl's Facebook Comment


Not surprisingly, Mary from YellowBella had something to say to Shey. She managed to get a couple of comments in but then Stahl blocked her along with several of Mary's supporters. 


You know, if that all wasn't bad enough, it looks like YellowBella wrote Stahl's synopsis for For the Summer too. Back in May, it was called Pickup Truck.


I'm sure there'll be more developing. There always is.



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