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Science Fiction vs. Proper Literature

Science Fiction


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The Verb As Noun

How to make write


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CTRL + Q to Enable/Disable
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Nose, meet grindstone.

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I bet God's a Woman.
I bet God's a Woman.


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Write a Woman


Write people, real with issues.

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Dani Alexander Talks to Santino Hassell About Sexuality & Labels...


Bi the Way - An Interview With Santino Hassell


"Santino Hassell, better known as part of the dynamic duo of Ais & Sonny—writers of In The Company of Shadows, has a new book out. Not to be a spoilersport (this is your first and only warning that I make up words =P), but one of the characters isn’t gay. He isn’t straight either. Technically he doesn’t label himself, which a lot of people don’t do. Sonny, however, does. He identifies as bisexual.


I imagine it must be very frustrating to be bisexual in a world where most people feel they need to stick a label on everyone. So, after reading After Midnight, I got curious. I wanted to ask Sonny if he’d find it easier to not identify as anything, or if he felt that identifying, and identifying loudly, was important for him because the gay and straight community needs to know that bisexuality is real."


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The Dead Will Rise First - Logan Kain

"The woman, who with best intentions, wouldn’t let my siblings and I watch Finding Nemo when it came out because she didn’t want to support Ellen DeGeneres.

God, she didn’t know how bad that messed me up--to know I was the same as Ellen and how sad and disappointed she would be if she knew. She tried after she found out about me to be supportive, “love the sinner, hate the sin,” but still.

She didn’t realize it’s not just the kids with the parents who kick them out that suffer. Sometimes it was worse to still be loved and to see the hurt in my parent’s eyes, everyday, at who I was."

Sock it to me, Santa !

Sock it to Me, Santa! - Madison  Parker

Short and sweet. Just the thing I needed.

I need to read more by Madison Parker.

"There is no such thing as a moral book or an immoral book. Books are well written or badly written. That is all."

- Oscar Wilde

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Just something for everyone to remember

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